Georgian Cornices

Georgian cornices were from a time period of around 1715 to 1840 and were used (much as today) to raise the value of a property to allow for better selling and resale value.

Elegant Georgian Cornices in Leeds

Georgian cornices carry a strong statement whilst keeping the subtle aesthetic to a room.
If you are looking for that elegant style and want to make a statement but without it screaming at the rest of the décor, then a Georgian cornice is definitely a great choice.

A piece of Georgian architecture

Having the choice of a number of in-house made Georgian cornice moulds, we can help you bring a neoclassical theme to any room. The British highly regarded Georgian buildings for their beautiful architecture, now you can have a piece of that in your home with a Georgian cornice.

Made for modern times

We will build our Georgian cornices using modern techniques to be sure our accuracy of making them is authentic enough to give the right feel to your home.
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Style of a Georgian cornice

Carrying an inspired style from the Romans and the Greeks the Georgian cornices were always very straight and simple. Although with their strong lines allowing for a bold and very tasteful look for your room and your home.

All the cornices are approximately 3 metre lengths

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