Edwardian Cornices

Edwardian cornices are usually drawn from the period 1900-1920. Delivering a more ridged and square style. An Edwardian cornice would bring a solid look to your home.

Authentic Edwardian Cornices in Leeds

Described as ‘less cluttered’ than its Victorian cornice predecessor, rooms began to get larger and more modern. This meant Edwardian cornices began to get simpler to account for the more spacious rooms and the more modern and simpler styled décor that people used.

Edwardian cornices to your door

PJ Glover Coving and Cornice Ltd will be able to build your chosen cornice and deliver them directly to your front door allowing for you to easily install them with no worries about picking them up. Speak to PJ Glover Coving and Cornice Ltd today about more on our moulds.

Edwardian style of cornice

The style of the Edwardian cornices were spread over a period of 20 years and included the beginning of the First World War. These vernacular traditions were kept but the plaster coving styles were revamped, revised and brought a new look to cornices.

All the cornices are approximately 3 metre lengths

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