Victorian Cornices

We stock a number of different self-created design moulds for all kinds of Victorian cornices.

Genuine Victorian Style Cornices in Leeds

We make them similar to the way they used to make them, by hand and using a mould at a standard length to allow for more accurate installation.
We pride ourselves on the moulds we create and the attention to detail that they bring to a room. If you have any questions about our Victorian Cornices, feel free to give us a call on: 0113 808 9386.

We will deliver your Victorian Cornice

With our in-house specialist moulds of our Victorian cornices, we believe they should be available to anyone and not just the local area, where we are based. That is why PJ Glover Coving and Cornice Ltd will be happy to deliver your new cornices to your doorstep for your convenience. Order what you need today.

About the Victorian style cornice

A typical Victorian cornice will have many ridges, curves and a deep inner cove. A Victorian cornice will also usually have a small depth and will reach out on the ceiling allowing for a lot more of the design to be shown moving out into the room from the wall.
Speak to us today about the suitability of a Victorian cornice in your home.

Make the right impression

During the Victorian era people were judged on their household and its impression given to guests and visitors. This still applies now and with a Victorian cornice in the right room can really bring a sense of class many other households can’t speak of.
View our range to see which one would work best in your home.

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All the cornices are approximately 3 metre lengths

Call PJ Glover today to discuss your Victorian cornice requirements Call: 0113 808 9386