Contemporary Cornices

One of our more popular and highest selling cornices, contemporary cornices are a type of cornice that can be used for practically any room, given its plain and classic styling.

Contemporary Cornices in Leeds

Regardless of your properties age or history, you can add a great level of elegance to any room of your home with a contemporary cornice. We pride ourselves on our cornice designs and take great care in maintaining our moulds so they give the best results every time. Speak to us today for more information.

Modern cornices for modern times

All our coving is handmade using in-house built moulds that carry our own styles. We have a huge amount of pride of the work we do and with being able to deliver your cornice allows us to reach out and supply our custom cornices to homes around the UK.

Why coving is used in homes

Cornices were originally used to increase the value of a property and usually plainer coving was always used in the rooms that were not to be seen by visitors or guests. However, in the modern times we live in now, we have adopted the smoother and simpler styles for our more contemporary rooms.

Contemporary cornice styling

Contemporary is a style of the present and will follow the latest design trends as well as accent the newer modern buildings perfectly. Coving and cornices have been around for a very long time now and we are proud to be delivering the latest styles to homes nationwide.

All the cornices are approximately 3 metre lengths

With over 20 years’ experience in decorative plaster works, we are proud to have worked on many projects throughout England. If you have a modern theme in mind, we have a range of contemporary cornices that will complement your vision.

We focus on the restoration, design, manufacture, supply and installation of both standard and bespoke mouldings of ornate plaster work. Contact PJ Glover Coving & Cornice Ltd in Leeds to find the perfect addition to your home.

One fantastic example of the use of contemporary cornice designs is the way they can enhance colour. Deep reds and vibrant yellows can come into their own when accompanied by contemporary cornices.

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Feeling traditional?

To offer comprehensive cornice solutions, we also have numerous options for more traditional designs. If you are undecided on the best route to take, we are happy to offer our advice.

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